Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nerves and Concerns

Apologies for the gap between posts. I have been busying myself with the “To do” list below, and have just returned from the most enjoyable holiday. I am now just about sorted, save for a bit of catch-up reading and packing. However the nerves and paranoia are setting in.

For the last 14 months I have wallowed in the blissful feeling of relief at having secured pupillage. I have been living an idyllic existence deep in the countryside, back with the ‘rents. My time has been spent saving money for the afore mentioned holiday, as well as the move to London. I've had an eclectic range of part-time jobs, which included riding horses, data admin and bar work. Spending a year without having to think constantly about applications, CV enhancing and my own self-worth has done me the world of good. However, I feel this may be the calm before the storm, and the lack of anything to worry about has afforded me much time to consider what lies ahead. Here are a few of the concerns I have thought of so far...

I turn up to the place I had my interview, only to find it completely empty. Enquiries reveal no Chambers ever existed at that spot - and the whole interview process was just an elaborate joke.

I turn up on my first day, only to be greeted by those that interviewed me with a surprised look and an, “oh, we made the offer to you - I think there must have been a mix up.”

I make a total idiot of myself by doing any or all of the following… fall over, spill coffee, laugh at an inappropriate time, not be able to answer the simplest of questions.

That I will not be able to recall any legal knowledge whatsoever.

That I get taken out for a welcome drink, manage to get absolutely hammered on half a shandy and vomit over my Pupil Master.

That my Pupil Master and I don’t get along.

That I am totally crap for the whole year, resulting in me being thrown out on my ear, and the mere thought of offering me tenancy is a standard joke within Chambers.

I am also slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of living in London. I went to university in a large city, but somehow I doubt it will be the same. Having spent the last year and most of my life living in the middle of nowhere, a place where seeing anything remotely urban, such as car, is worthy of note and newcomers remain so for about 30 years, the contrast will be stark. I fear dealing with the daily rush hour alone may cause me to have a stroke.

I realise that I am starting to sound rather feeble. This I am not, and despite the above I am looking forward to all the change and challenges. Next time I post it will be as a pupil, however if you’ve not heard from me by the end of October it may be because one of the above has befallen me!

Finally I was saddened to find Lawminx has disappeared. I very much enjoyed her posts, and wish her good luck. Best wishes too to all those battling again with Olpas and others about to commence Pupillage.