Sunday, 29 March 2009

2nd Six Excitement

Many thanks for all the comments on my last post. The question mark over my gender made me chuckle to myself. For obvious reasons I have tried not to let out any personal information that could cause me to be identified. I do not regard my sex as information which could cause me to be identified, but for my own amusement I will keep you all guessing.
The dark days that spawned my last depressing post are over. I am feeling much more comfortable around chambers, and am enjoying the single like in London. I continue to be busy with various bits and bobs of work from my PM, as well as trotting off to court most days.
In preparation for my impending 2nd six, I have been spending a lot more time shadowing tenants in the magistrate courts. The difference between the mags and the Crown Court is stark. A busy morning in Thames mags is akin to being at the NEXT sale on Boxing Day, it's difficult to move around and everybody is cross. In comparison most Crown Courts are like Health Clubs, with regular hours and plenty of breaks for tea and biscuits. What strikes me most is the complete mess the CPS are in. Occasionally members of chambers will act as an agent for the CPS, and I get to see first hand how miserable and downbeat all the CPS bods seem to be. They battle against severe time and financial constraints, as well as snotty defence advocates coming to annoy them about their particular case every five minutes, so it's not surprising they're a little down in the mouth, but the inherent jobsworth attitude gets a little wearing. In terms of my own career progression, I can safely say going in-house with the CPS is well and truly off the list.
The days of me simply following others around all day like a meek little lamb are nearly over. I cannot wait, it has been a long time coming.
I hope everyone is getting to grips with the new Pupillage Portal, and it proves fruitful for all.
Have a good Easter.