Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Festive

Apologies again for the sporadic nature of these entries. This is in part down to it being logistically difficult for me to post (in the interests of anonymity I have decided posting from an Inn computer is not sensible), also I have been a bit lazy.

The other contributory factor is simply that I do not have much to say. Each day is different and always interesting, but unfortunately does not provide material I can put on here. I am now half way through my first six, and currently enjoying a two week holiday. I really can't wait for my second six, because as much as I feel I get on with everyone in Chambers, I find the constant following others around and feeling like a bit of cling-on/mute is becoming a bit tiresome. I whole heartily feel that watching and observing others who are very good at what they do is the very best way of learning, but I don't always feel particularly useful. To start doing work in my own right, and show that I may have the potential to make some contribution will be welcome. However it's easy for me to be all confident now, I don't doubt that come April I will be yearning to simply follow others for the rest of my days!
As I've said, I think I get on with most people in Chambers. However there is no doubt that there are some strange personalities knocking about. There is one chap who won't even look at me, let alone actually embark on a conversation. Apparently he was the same with the last Pupil, he simply has a rule whereby he doesn't talk to (or look at) pupils. Weirdo! I shall try and keep you posted in relation to this as I feel sooner or later there will be some movement here which may prove interesting.

I have now managed to watch all 4 episodes of The Barristers. On balance I think the overall series was much better than the initial direness promised by episode one. Viewers not connected to the Bar should have a better understanding of what barristers are and do, and I think that was the point of the programme. However the pro-government, political broadcast like dealing with the changes to the criminal fee scheme was a bit much for me.
Hope you all have happy holidays.