Sunday, 30 August 2009

Not long to go

I am on the home straight. My tenancy application has to be in by Wednesday. It's a fairly simple process, covering letter, CV and a couple of references. No interview, no humiliating exercise to be determined on. We shall see, it makes me feel sick.

Work has been extremely busy. I have been doing alot of prosecuting in the mags as an agent. These days are tiring, you have no idea what the day has in store for you until you turn up at court and look inside the bag of files that is designated to your court. You may face a long list of first appearances, or a couple of trials. Either way I always feel woefully prepared.

Good news on the defending front though, I have my first Crown Court trial in October. At this stage I'm looking forward to standing up in front of a jury, however by the time it comes I will be very nervous.

I shall keep you posted.



Anonymous said...

How exciting PB. Well done for getting this far. I am sure you will be fine re: tenancy, and wish you all the best.


barboy said...

Good luck, PB.

Law Minx said...

****** All the VERY best with regard to the upcoming tenancy decision PB ; Fingers, and all other POSSIBLE bits crossed on your behalf, in tandem with the sending of positive vibes and karmic good thoughts regarding yourself to the tenancy committee!!*******

barmaid said...

You'll be fine PB, can't imagine chambers would send you out prosecuting if they didn't think you weren't up to it.


barmaid said...

Just realised my typo, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Android said...

Good luck with the tenancy app! I'm more than sure you'll be fine!! :)

Templar said...

I've been enjoying reading your posts for a while now. It's nice to get an insight into what Pupillage is really like. All sounds really exciting. Best of luck with the tenancy application and with the upcoming Crown Court trial.

Anonymous said...

Hello there PB, have you heard anything back yet?!

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